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What do you get when you cross a photo album and an interactive book? The answer? A flipbook! You can now create your own, thanks to the flipbook creator tools at Yumpu Publishing. Read on, and see how this site can help you come up with some awesome stuff. It helped me, and I have zero tech skills! I was also able to do everything that I wanted using the free version, so I did not spend any money making my flipbook. Let me tell you a bit more about it. After my brother’s wedding, I wanted some ideas on how to get all my photographs together. I wanted to share them without having to send a massive email to my family members. I did not want them to have to download anything or wait for files to load. I also wanted to save the pictures in a creative way. This is when I found the flipbook creator online.

What does the software do?

When you get your pictures on your computer, the first step toward using the flipbook creator is to save the pictures to a PDF file as an album. Make sure that you title this PDF file correctly, and identify it in a way that tells what pictures are in the file. Then, go online to the site and locate the uploader, which is the first option you will see. Click on the folder in your computer where you have saved the pictures as PDF, or drag it into the uploader. In a matter of minutes, the flipbook creator will make an interactive, “flippable” photo album that can be easily shared online via social media, by e-mail, or by embedding it in a blog.

The flipbook creator, and the ability to post it anywhere, is possible thanks to a technology that is unique to the site. It is called the “embed wizard,” which allows you to add the flip board anywhere you want using HTML5. This latter feature is awesome because everyone can access any file published on HTML5 from any device, and using any Internet or mobile data provider. Therefore, once you share your flip board, your entire family will be able to see it on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods, iPads, or iPhones.

There are different options for joining. If you want to access the site for free, you definitely can make the flip board and share it without having to pay. There are other options where you do pay, but you should be able to do anything that you want to do in this free version. The flipbook creator, the embed wizard, the HTML5 access and the “flipping” technology are all regularly included in the site.

When you decide to make your flipbook, you can do a lot of personalized stuff with it. Change its colors; add your family crest, a symbol, your favorite team’s mascot, your brand logo, or anything that you wish to add. It is completely customizable and this is what will make the huge difference between a “good” memento and a “great” one. For my brother’s wedding, I just went on Google to find a picture of a flamingo, which is symbolic of the way that they met. Of course, I did this with the wedding picture album that featured the pictures that were less serious, such as the candids and other funny occasions during the wedding. Regardless, I was able to add the theme of flamingos to the wedding pictures and the flip book creator lets you do that, and much more.

If you have family members who can never seem to be able to open documents, or who have computers that “freeze” at mere sight, do not worry. Like I stated before, the HTML5 technology is a no-brainer, and the file WILL display perfectly well in any device. So, the flamingo album will be available for viewing to everyone and anyone who receives my link to access the flip board. That is, to me, the biggest asset of the flipbook creator.

What’s next? Let’s summarize!

Back to STEP ONE: Start by taking the pictures that you want to make into an album, and save them into your computer as a PDF file, with a recognizable title. Then, go on Yumpu Publishing and get ready to upload the album into the flip board creator. If you have any ideas about customizing it, this is your time to look for logos, brands, symbols, crests, team mascots, or any other similar knick-knacks to add to the creator. Plan out your theme and colors, too.

Third, upload the file, wait about 2 minutes until it is put together, and add your extras. Go ahead and register a free account. You will not be charged for anything, but it is better to register an account with a username and password in case you want to save and make more projects in the future. Remember your password! Finally, get the final touches into your project, title it and prepare to share it with the people who matter to you the most.

These flip books make awesome mementos and cyber gifts for family and friends. The flip book creator makes it all so easy and approachable for these projects to get completed that you will not have any issues putting everything together on your own. You do not need any technical skills, and the people who get access to the file will not have any issue with tech skills either. It is a matter of enjoying the final product and saving it for posterity.

Anyone can use the flipbook creator, even little kids! Flip books can make great tools for school projects, cookbooks, “brag books,” bookmarkers, and as photo albums for nearly any imaginable event, from weddings to baptisms, to birthdays, to graduations. There has never really been an easier time to put your pictures to the best use ever, in the best and most creative ways!

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

Lorenzo Bonaventura

Snowboarder, band member, International Swiss style practitioner and HTML5 Guru. Acting at the sweet spot between art and mathematics to create not just a logo, but a feeling. I sometimes make random things with friends.

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