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If you have tons of pictures saved in your computer hard drive or on your phone and are not sure how to share them productively, read about this productivity website called Yumpu Publishing. The software is an online Flipbook creator free of charge. Having access to a Flipbook creator lets you do tons of creative things with your personal images, including personalizing the Flipbooks to fit your brand, interest groups, or online social groups. You can make anything you want with your images,if you just add a bit of creativity. At the time I found Yumpu Publishing, I was searching for an online tool to do something with the thousands of photographs I have stored in my computer. I used the tags “flipboard creator free” and the software was at the top of my search. It was no accident. It is an awesome site, extremely user-friendly, and offers anything that you could possibly need in a very easy Flipboard creator-free platform. You do not have to be a techie at all to use the software. The site does it all for you.

Ideas for pictures

As for me, I already had my photo albums saved in my computer, on PDF files, to save storage space (and so should you). Still, I was not sure how to share them without clogging people’s inboxes, or saving them to the cloud, or sending them via social media, which is not my style. This is where the software came in.


Yumpu Publishing automatically converted those PDF files of the photographs that I had saved into separate ePaper Flipbooks in probably less than 2 minutes! At the end of my session, I was able to do these projects:

• All my “Out to Lunch” food pictures were put together, by the Flipbook creator free version, into an interactive photo album for my restaurant review blog. This was the best way for me to share with my followers how each meal was, price per meal, calories, and other cool details. Having the chance to flip through the pictures back and forth was definitely a bonus. • My work training pictures came together in an “At Work” photo Flipbook album to share with my co-workers.

• End-of-the year celebrations, from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, were put together in albums titled according to the year when they happened.

• Family pictures were also uploaded as a shareable Flipbook and themed under our family’s favorite pastime, “boating and surfing.” After thinking further about it, I realized that I could take the pictures of all the crafts I have sold online over the years, and make a Flipbook sales album with them. I could send an album like this to every one of my previous customers as a catalog. This will be the next thing coming up! But let me tell you more about the software and all that this flipboard creator free version can do for you on ePaper.

Hey, wait! What is an ePaper, again?

An ePaper is an exact mimic, or replica of a typical book, magazine, catalog, brochure, newspaper, photoalbum, or anything in the same line of publications that require paper and ink. An interactive ePaper, like the one you can get in the flipbook creator free version, is a book or publication that will be displayed in an electronic reading device exactly as it would appear if it were a regular book, but without paper. Your computer, tablet, or smartphone, will display the book exactly as if it were made of paper, though. You can flip pages, highlight selections, bookmark, dim or brighten the background, and make notes in some versions of it. E-readers, which are made for displaying e-books and Flipbooks, sometimes go as far as making the pages make sounds when you flip them, which makes the e-reading experience closer to the “real thing.” This is the type of technology that your document will turn into when using the flipbook creator free version of Yumpu Publishing.

Using the software as Flipbook Creator Free

A visit to Yumpu Publishing will welcome you with their extensive résumé of online magazines and e-publications, featuring crisp and bright color graphics. These are publications that may or may not be also available on paper. Still, they have all been converted into ePaper, with the help of the tools offered on the site. You can get your own “magazine style” Flipbook, even with the Flipbook creator free option!

Your pictures on Flipbooks

With Yumpu Publishing’s Flipbook creator free version, all you need to do is upload any of your PDF photo files or albums. That’s it: Just upload them. The software will automatically create a flipbook, for free, with your photographs. It will do it in convenient HTML5 format, as well!


HTML5 format means that those who receive the flipbook will be able to see it and interact with it from any computer, without the use of those bothersome “plugins.” Also, they will not have to download anything, take any space in their memory, or wait until the “it loads” for them to see. HTML5 makes it all faster in order to be more interactive. PS: You need ZERO tech skills to operate the software. They already have the magic waiting for you. It is called the “Embed Wizard.”

Yumpu Publishing, decoded

Here is what else I discovered, as I researched. The software is a website created by i-Magazine AG, a Swiss company founded in 2007. It has a paid, “pro” version in case you are a photography expert who needs access to more sophisticated tools for commercial or professional use. You can use the graphics software to enhance your brand and logo, to connect to social media, and even to embed to other sites. The Flipbook creator free option will give you access to a myriad of tools that can also help your album achieve a professional, super-well-made look that will be the talk of the online community. What Yumpu Gives You:

• Converts your PDF picture files into interactive, ePaper Flipbooks
• Saves you tons of computer storage space
• Stores your flipbooks in Yumpu Publishing’s OWN cloud, managed by Yumpu Publishing
• Lets you use the tools either paid for “pro” or with the Flipbook creator free options.
• Allows you to make true all your publishing ventures
• No more sending huge picture files for people to download.
• No more waiting for files to load to be able to see them.
• Shared files will not freeze computers, nor endanger them for viruses.
• No more clogging people’s inboxes with photo files.
• Easy to use, interactive “real book” technology
• Free access
• Can be enjoyed on ALL devices, from smartphones to tablets, to laptops, to desktops.
• Allows you to share the flipbooks on social media
• Optimized for Google

What are you waiting for? Visit Yumpu Publishing, choose the Flipbook creator free selection, and start creating beautiful flipbooks today.

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

Lorenzo Bonaventura

Snowboarder, band member, International Swiss style practitioner and HTML5 Guru. Acting at the sweet spot between art and mathematics to create not just a logo, but a feeling. I sometimes make random things with friends.

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