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What to do with your latest vacation pictures? How can you share the 300-plus shots you took at your best friend’s wedding while preserving the beauty of the moment? Where can you save pictures without eating up your computer’s hard drive storage? The solution for you may be this cool site I found named Yumpu Publishing: the flip book online creator.

What does it do?

Yumpu Publishing is a website created by i-Magazine AG. This is a 9-year-old Swiss company that has made major strides in the software and e-tools industry. The flip book online access is made possible by the site’s unique software tools.

Using the easy website tools, you can transform PDF files into interactive flip books. These flip books are engaging, customizable, and easy to share with others. They get stored in the site’s own cloud, and you can always have access to the files online. Better still, these flip book online creator tools will save your documents in HTML5 format. This means that anyone will be able to access, view, and interact with your flip book from any device. The HTML5 technology allows you to view files without the need to install plugins. Pretty neat!

Is it free?

This is a free flip book online creator platform that also offers access to more advanced tools for a low, additional cost. However, the free version of the flip book online creator program can satisfy all your needs. This is because the overall process is very user-friendly: Upload your PDF photo albums to the site, and the site will automatically convert the albums into interactive flipbooks. The tech tool that makes this possible is the “Embed Wizard.”

What to expect from a flip book online creator

• Quick and easy uploads of your picture files

• Quick conversions from PDF to interactive flipbook in HTML5

• Ability to share your flip books without attaching large files to emails.

• The “Embed Wizard” lets you add your flipbook to your social media accounts, blogs, online shops, and much more.

• Perfect “real-time” book experience, complete with page flipping, highlighting, and bookmarking

• Colorful, bright filters that make your photographs more vivid

• No downloading or loading wait time to view flip books

• You can customize your flipbook according to your lifestyle, brand, business purposes, or marketing goals.

• An ePublication optimized for Google!

What are some ideas for using your flip board online creator software?

I checked the rest of the website for more ideas for my pictures. After looking at the display of awesome projects, professional magazines, brochures, and cool eBooks published exclusively on the site, I came up with my own list of potential uses for the creator tools. I was impressed by my own list, I must say, and I am blogging about it not just to share it with you, but also to remind myself to get busy with my pictures ASAP.

• Flip book recipe books

Keep recipes in books according to themes, rather than having them all in one same place. Think: No more trying to remember on which page was what cuisine. Instead, keep Chinese food recipes, Spanish food recipes, Soul Food recipes, each in their own flip book, customized by theme, and with pictures of the finished dishes in full color. Talk about an heirloom!

• Traditional family recipe flip books

Those top-secret traditional family recipes may have found a safe, online niche thanks to these flip book online creator tools. Keep your secret recipes ultra-secret with cloud storage, and only share your recipes with the people you trust.

• Wedding dress blues flip books

Use the pictures of the 96 wedding dresses you have tried on so far, and make a flip book that you can share with your bridesmaids, friends, or family members. Why not do a home show and display your flip book on a large screen for all to vote on which style fits best? Remember, though the bride has the final word!

• Do your foster animals?

Make a flip book of them Making a flipbook of animals that you foster keeps together the focus of the message that you want to send out with your photographs. Since you can customize your flipbooks, you can use specific themes to make your point come across. Help your fosters find forever homes quicker with cool, interactive albums that tell their story.

• “Before and After” fitness progress flipbooks

Document your weight loss journey by showing pictures of your changes, improvements, and tips for success. Add pictures of suggested snacks and products. Show photographs of shoes or exercise clothes that may help other dieters succeed. A flip book is perfect for weight loss business owners, beach body coaches, health product salespersons, and gym professionals.

• School pictures

A wonderful gift to grandparents, uncles, aunts, and caregivers everywhere, a flip book of the school pictures of a child, from early childhood to older years, is the perfect reminder of how rewarding it is to be a part of the life of a child.

• Anniversary flip books

What could be a better way to celebrate many years of love, patience, and loyalty but by pointing out all the highlights of the relationship together in a shareable album? Preserving and keeping photographs has never been more effective. No fear of losing pictures, or ruining them ever again.

• Catalog sales

Do you sell makeup? Cookware? Clothing? Be your own model and display your pieces using you and your creativity as props for display. Let your inner photographer go wild, and show off your talent of presentation.

• Vision boards Are you into “The Secret?”

Look no further than putting your dreams together in a flip book where you can revisit your life goals. Whether it is a pair of red bottoms, or getting your diploma, putting your hopes together in a way that you can refresh your motivation is always a great way to make your dreams happen. Try Yumpu Publishing today and play with the flip book online creator tools. Become a “flip booker,” and explore your creativity.

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

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