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Lorenzo Bonaventura

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Being a competitive blogger in today’s online society is tough, as I recently discovered. Between the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter and newer apps like Snapchat constantly appearing, it’s a wonder that anyone even visits standard HTML blogs anymore. Staying ahead in the online rat race required me to start getting creative. I had to find something that was simple yet relatively easy to implement. This is how I ultimately discovered Yumpu Publishing.

The Flip Book Gratis Transition

The transition from a stagnant blog to a dynamic online publisher wasn’t a mere hop-skip-jump, however. It began with me first figuring out what kind of medium to use. I needed something that would stand out from the norms of blogs, pages, and Facebook posts. That’s when I stumbled upon flip books gratis and pdf conversions. Digital flip book programs are relatively new software. They allow publishers to create flipbook media from pdf files. In my research, I tried out several flip book gratis programs like Anyflip and Issuu, each with its own pros and cons. The biggest con that nearly all of these flip book applications share is that although they brand themselves as “pdf converters”, they never actually converted any of my scanned pdf files. At least, not without my having to spend extra time (and in some cases, money) converting them myself into a format that these programs would work with. Additionally, the extra step in conversion also took a slight toll on the quality of my files. After several months of trying to find a program or app that would work best without the extra time consumption, I was at a loss. Even when I was able to seamlessly convert pdfs to flipbooks, many of these programs were 30-day trials only, thus negating the term “flip book gratis.” Furthermore, they either remained as bland pdf scans (albeit with the ability to “flip” from page to page) or they did not offer anything extra, like the ability to embed videos or features that made them mobile-friendly. Again, I was at a loss.


I felt that I had hit rock bottom. Maybe the flip book gratis wasn’t as big of a thing as I had hoped. At this point, I discovered a new flip book startup named Yumpu Publishing. Given my prior experiences, I was understandably skeptical. However, after giving this program and its features thorough review, I have decided that Yumpu Publishing will be my go-to flip book gratis program (unless something even better comes along).

I have been using Yumpu Publishing for a couple of months now. It contains a slew of perks. For one thing, it is very user-friendly. All I literally had to do was to input my pdf files and voila! It instantly transformed them into a flip book format known as ePaper. There was the minimal time involved (each transformation takes up to two minutes, tops) and unlike another flip book gratis apps, my image quality did not suffer in the slightest. Yumpu offers embedding on multiple media platforms and the ePaper format allows for mobile touchscreen usability. I found Yumpu to be very versatile for my Windows 10 OS, but I have been able to use it for Macs, earlier Windows systems, and even Linux/Unix OS when working on projects for other clients with older machines.

Benefits of Yumpu Publishing

Compared to another flip book gratis apps, Yumpu¬†Publishing is very cost-effective. It offers many of the features that other programs offer for an extra price for free, so it lives up to the “flip book gratis” moniker. The only time cost comes into play is if the user wants to purchase the ad-free version. Publishers like myself can easily embed video, audio, and web links into the magazine and create full-blown issues similar to what Texture.com offers. Yumpu¬†Publishing also allows users to take advantage of SEO content, making published magazines visible to Google searches. Yumpu Publishing publications are easily compatible with all of the major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; videos can be made of them for YouTube viewing as well. I have also found that article snippets can be pushed to these platforms. This helps increase the number of readers for my published work. It’s less work than backlinking, in a sense. Another awesome user-friendly feature is that it includes API searching within the magazine; users can search for certain terms in the publication to find specific information. Once again, all of these features can be included within a publication at no extra cost.


Yumpu Publishing has come a long way from its roots as a flip book gratis startup. Its cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and free features have allowed it to become another Texture.com, with over 20 million publications and magazines to its name. The sheer volume of readers places it on par with the social media giants it can easily be collaborated with. What it has done for me personally (and many an amateur publisher, I am sure) is to revolutionize how I reach my dedicated readers and increase my online following. The ability to use a high-quality multimedia publishing program that is also IOS compatible has only boosted the number of potential subscribers. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just go and check Yumpu Publishing out for yourself. But I will personally recommend it over any other flip book application currently on the market. The features and the ease of use are simply too much to pass up, whether you’re an up-and-coming editor, a seasoned publisher, or just another web user looking for a new, artistic online hobby.

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

Lorenzo Bonaventura

Snowboarder, band member, International Swiss style practitioner and HTML5 Guru. Acting at the sweet spot between art and mathematics to create not just a logo, but a feeling. I sometimes make random things with friends.

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