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Lorenzo Bonaventura

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Remember back in the day, when photo albums were actual picture books? You would have had to tape or glue photographs on rough, cardboard-type pages, then add a description, and then pass the albums around for everybody to see them while hoping and praying in the back of your mind that nobody spills Kool-aid on the pictures. Ha! Talk about stressful memory-making. I found a wonderful site called Yumpu Publishing, as I was trying to find any online tool that would help me save my pictures, keep them accessible, while also letting me do something creative with them. The software was my solution. It converts digital photographs that are saved as PDF files and turns them into interactive photo albums with pages that you can flip like you do a real book. Basically, the software makes your picture files into real 3d flipbooks! The 3D flipbook feels like the real thing, too. Just go to the official page at Yumpu Publishing and look at the hundreds of official publications, online magazines, blogs, eBooks, recipe books, and other products, that have used the Yumpu Publishing technology to publish online. Try turning the pages on those ePublications. The flow of interactivity makes reading super engaging. Most importantly, the bright and vivid color of the pictures immediately gets you hooked.

Other benefits of real 3D flipbooks include:

• Ability to maximize/minimize the screen (make your letters and pictures bigger or smaller)

• Highlight text

• Clean and slick design

• Dim or brighten the background Now, imagine being able to do all that with your very own photo books!

Your OWN real 3D Flipbooks

Let’s say you are “the cool aunt” or “cool uncle” in your family. Naturally, during the holiday season, you would normally shoot around 200 selfies with your nieces and nephews.

Those files are eating up half the memory of your camera or smartphone. It is harder still to figure out what to do with the files. How to share them most efficiently? How to save your friends and relatives from having to download your content?

The solution for you may be putting together a real 3D Flipbook using the free tools at Yumpu Publishing. The best part is that you really do not have to do anything. You need ZERO tech skills to get your very own book. The Yumpu Publishing Embed Wizard is a tool that automatically converts the files and adds the fun to them.

The best part is that it is all free! If you happen to need extra, super professional skills, you can always select a paid subscription. However, you can still get your real 3D flipbook with the free version.

How to use the software?

All you need to do is follow 5 simple steps to get started:

• Save your photos in PDF albums on your computer. Do not forget to title each of your albums with specific names that will help you remember what is saved in each photo file.

• Visit Yumpu Publishing

• Select the “Optimize your PDF to a multimedia magazine” option

• Drag the PDF file to the box, or upload it using the arrow

• Enter your email or sign up using Facebook, Google Plus, or other social media

What happens next?

• The site will ask you to enter a username and password.

• Then, register by adding your address and a method of payment NOTE: This is just in case you decided to register for the paid subscription. Nothing will be charged to your payment method. You can also skip this step. You can add it whenever you do decide to buy anything.

Saved items:

Your uploaded files will be saved into Yumpu Publishing’s own storage “cloud,” which means that your photographs will always be kept save and preserved online. You will get a variety of ways to share your real 3D flipbook. It will be saved in HTML5 format, which means that everyone you send it to will be able to access it without the need of downloading or adding plugins for it to work. The software does the entire work for you!

Why 3D flipbooks

In the digital era, publishing “paper and ink” documents are slowing down in favor of the more environmentally-friendly practice of online publishing. This is what led to the 3D Flipbook: The interactive page-turner that uses zero paper, and leaves no environmental print.

Customizing your real 3D flipbook

Flipbooks make excellent gifts. They can be sent electronically to anyone, anywhere in the planet. They require no additional cost for sharing. Businesses can also benefit from using 3D flipbooks as catalogs and for inventory demonstration. Once you upload your pictures into the real 3D flipbooks, you can also • Personalize them by color or theme • Use your brand or logo • Embed the flipbook in blogs or web sites • Share them in social media

Ideas for 3D Flipbooks

• Substitute birth announcements with a sequence of photographs, from ultrasounds to the moment of the baby’s birth

• Create memory books for each event you host, and send links to your guests

• Graduations, weddings, baptisms, and holiday pictures look better in interactive flipbooks

• Finished projects, from hairdos, to paintings, to house projects, to nail art.

• Upload pictures of your volunteer activities and add the flipbook to an electronic resume

• Family recipes, themed by the family crest, colors, or specific symbols

• Team pictures, dance team pictures, boy/girl scouts

• Classroom pictures, projects, or decorations

• Food photography for restaurants, restaurant reviews, and online menus

• Fashion designs

Just take a look into Yumpu Publishing and check out the different products that they have been able to publish online throughout the years. They have online magazines and brochures that will give you a better idea of what your own, final product will look like. Start creating something for free!

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

Lorenzo Bonaventura

Snowboarder, band member, International Swiss style practitioner and HTML5 Guru. Acting at the sweet spot between art and mathematics to create not just a logo, but a feeling. I sometimes make random things with friends.

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