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Lorenzo Bonaventura

As an entrepreneur with my own online shop, I’m always looking for sales methods that will make my life easier, sell my inventory and give clients great products. To that end, I decided to find software that would convert a PDF to flipbook for a catalog that clients could use to directly purchase my inventory. The PDF to flipbook catalog would also be a fantastic way to share that catalog during sales calls. My journey from PDF to flipbook involved a lot of trial and error. To start with, I had to figure out what I was looking for in a flipbook catalog. Online I found a few examples of big retailers using flipbooks for their customers. If you’ve ever clicked through an online circular and selected an image that brought you to the website, that’s the kind of catalog I wanted to provide to my customers with the PDF to flipbook publishing software. The problem I found is that while I knew what I wanted, I needed a simple way to make the catalog happen. With this in mind, I headed to Yumpu Publishing to check out their process. I was immediately floored by their easy-to-use flipbook generator.

Editable Content

One PDF to flipbook generator had a complicated process for uploading my content. There was also no way to easily change information once it was processed into a flipbook. For my purposes, the flipbook had to be easily alterable, so I could keep clients up-to-date on my current inventory. If customers clicked an item from the catalog, it needed to be available for purchase.

Marketing Formats

For online marketing, the experts recommend having content available in many formats. This increases the likelihood that a customer will find information in a format that is suitable for their needs. Along with text, media-rich content will get shared repeatedly by viewers. Customers want the ability to zoom in and rotate images of products too.

Keyword Search

While I’m sharing my products with everyone on my social media platforms as well as releasing new products via email lists, keyword search is vital to sales. As a way to drive traffic to my website, a sales catalog that is filled with keywords and is searchable online is a powerful tool for my business.

Latest Catalogs

Not every customer will want to receive emails from a company, but if they are interested in products, they’ll want to receive the latest catalogs. By adding signup to the catalog, I’m adding hundreds of email addresses to my arsenal each month.

Sharing Updated Information with Sales Clients

Instead of printing out brochures and catalogs that could be outdated by the time they are printed, online catalogs can be changed instantly. When involved in sales to manufacturers and other distributors, the most up-to-date information is vital. All I have to do is bring along my tablet or laptop to show potential clients the inventory available with my beautiful catalog.


  • There’s a free version to get you started.
  • It’s easy to upgrade to other versions with more features.
  • Can be viewed on all devices including mobile and tablet.
  • Ability to be embedded in social media networks.
  • Objects in catalogs can be linked to a website, blog, or online shop.
  • Branding your catalog is simple.

Why I recommend the software

While I can embed the PDF to the flipbook catalog in my own website if I wanted, I can choose to host it in the cloud or in my own kiosk. The reader is available online, so my clients and customers do not have to download special software to flip through my catalog. It was incredibly convenient to have the ability to test out one of my PDFs before upgrading to a higher, paid version of the publisher. After testing a few publishers, it became time-consuming, and I wasn’t willing to pay for test runs that didn’t work. It was truly a winner because Yumpu Publishing was optimized for Google search engine results. I wanted people to be able to find my catalog online by searching for the keywords I’d selected for my industry. In order to remain competitive, it’s vital that my company is visible in the search engines. My products can be found by using the PDF to flipbook publishing software. With Yumpu Publishing, there’s no obligation, and it has a free version, which is not a free trial. There are some limitations, but anyone who wants to test the waters can do so easily without paying for it. It has everything needed to create a catalog for your website. That alone is worth trying this PDF to flipbook publishing software.

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

Lorenzo Bonaventura

Snowboarder, band member, International Swiss style practitioner and HTML5 Guru. Acting at the sweet spot between art and mathematics to create not just a logo, but a feeling. I sometimes make random things with friends.

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