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I’ve wanted to expand my business for some time now. I currently run a blog centered on music reviews and I wanted a paid option for my readers in order to create revenue aside for AdSense. I had no starting point because this is all new for me. I am not well-versed in coding or distribution so my options were limited. Many websites offered information explaining the process of turning a simple PDF file into a flipbook, but nothing accelerated the process for me. Then I found Yumpu Publishing.

Why a Flipbook Was My Savior

There are many avenues to create an online publication. Oftentimes, the process of creating these publications are full of hardship and tedious action. These services are usually riddled with several payments and monotonous tasks to reach your goal.this flipb

The Process

The procedure is astoundingly simple. Upon opening Yumpu Publishing, drag a pdf file into the box that reads “optimize your PDF to a multimedia magazine.” The magazine is now ready.

The website will deliver an embedded URL once the process is complete. Aside from creating your magazine, this is the only requirement for you as a content creator. Copy and paste this link on any platform. To accelerate the process, there is an option to share on all media platforms. The platform accomplishes everything for you, making content creation your only job.

And This is Free?

The site is accessible to any user. The simple answer is yes, however, there is an option pertaining to wherever your business stands. If you have a large audience, there are several different options to help you reach your goals. The different options present different possibilities and thus, a different experience for your readers.

Free Version

The free version gave me everything I needed at the beginning of my publishing journey. The free version offers the bare bone essentials to what any publication would want out of an online magazine. You are given an unlimited amount of magazines, unlimited page number, and the customization of HTML5, flash, and JS.

I wanted to give my users an ad-free experience, so I chose to utilize the ad-free subscription service for $10/mo.

Other possibilities

As you continue to reach the higher subscription fees, you are given the option to include a variety of different features. For example, the ProKiosk features in-app subscriptions and options to purchase different apps. Furthermore, you can choose what ads would best cater to your audience.

What About Smartphones and Tablets?

Many of my readers reach my blog through twitter. Furthermore, they are usually on a smartphone device when they click on my website link. When I found Yumpu Publishing, it looked very promising, but I needed to know if smartphones and tablets were supported on the platform. When I published my first magazine, I opened it up on my device and the magazine looked beautiful. When you upload your magazine to whatever avenue you wish to spread it through, it will optimize for any device that opens it.

The user experience on a smartphone is comparable to the laptop and tablet experience. It is seamlessly smooth and everything was proportional. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

How Does the Platform Compare To The Other Services?

When you take into account the pricing and options of other services, the competition isn’t there. I’ll compare flipbook to two other services, breaking it down by pricing and features. Madmagz During my search, Madmagz was a direct competitor to flipbook. However, the side-by-side comparison between the two options made my ultimate decision easier. Madmagz is featured as a magazine template and distribution service. Choose between a paid or free template, add your content, choose HD or SD, and whether you’d like to print the magazine.

All of this sounds close to what Yumpu Publishing offers although, there are several one-time payments that are required each time you distribute a magazine. Therefore, the ultimate price will be much higher.

The option to customize a Madmagz magazine to your liking costs $30 by itself. Furthermore, the most aesthetic templates are also $13.


Another close second, this service closely resembled the offers on Yumpu Publishing. You have the option to upload a PDF, resulting in an online magazine. However, the limitation on the customer is the drawback for this service.

With anyflip.com, you are given a limit to the amount of content you can store on their cloud. Furthermore, you are given a daily limit to your traffic load. If you utilize the free plan, you can reach a maximum of 30,000 people per day. Afterward, the magazine is unavailable. The highest costing merely increases this, so you are always given a limit.

Anyflip.com offers a barebones type of magazine with a limited amount of features.

The software is Catered Towards Businesses and Bloggers Alike

Throughout my time using this flipbook software, I have been continuously impressed by the features and the support given by the company. Whenever I have questions, I am able to email or call the company and a response is given within one day. I have every option to customize and share my magazine to my liking while looking beautiful on any device.

The benefits when weighed against the cost are astounding. I am given everything I need to reach my goals with an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank. As my business expands, my magazine can follow suit with a wide variety of pricing options. The services available are for small and large businesses as well as for individuals. Try it out for yourself!

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

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