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Lorenzo Bonaventura

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If you’ve ever wanted to create a flip book with a professional polish, then you probably understand the challenges that self-publishers face. For those unfamiliar with the term, a flip book in this sense refers to a digital magazine, brochure or other publication presented in a way that lets you flip through the pages as you would with a physical book or magazine. The first time I saw this approach in action, I knew it was the format that I wanted for my publications moving forward. I create brochures for a product line that targets homeowners in the Northeast. These brochures/magazines not only contain products I’m selling but recipes, gardening advice and even short fiction relevant to the area. Each edition is quite large and packed with content, so allowing my readers to flip forward and backward through them makes the experience more convenient and interactive. Unfortunately, finding a service that could help me create flip books from PDF proved to be a challenge. That was until I came across Yumpu Publishing, which lets me make flip books for free.

Flip Books in a Free Format That Exceeded My Expectations

I tried a number of different solutions. Some were pay-for and some were free, and some were installed locally while others operated as software as a service. I wasn’t against paying for the right solution, but it had to let me convert to the flip book format from PDF without major editing and without adding significantly to the time requirement because I already work under difficult time constraints. The reason Yumpu Publishing works so well for me isn’t that it lets me create flip books for free. Sure, that’s nice and all, but the most important thing is that it converts my PDFs as in and does in just two minutes or less.

All the Features You Need at a Price You Can’t Beat

Here’s an overview of the features that are most important to me:

• Supports all mobile and desktop devices

• Lets me integrate my own branding

• Streamlined embedding anywhere on the Web

• Full social media integration

• Support for inline video, audio, and other multimedia

• Support for outbound links

• Optimized for major search engines

• Excellent customer service

I wasn’t expecting all of this from a paid service and here it is from a service that lets me make flip books for free. I don’t have to worry if one customer is using an iPad and another an Android phone. I have the option to email new brochures directly, provide a secure link in an email, and embed them on my business’s Facebook page so that they’re easily accessed at any time. I’ve also been impressed with the Google’s optimization, which has led to lead generation that I simply didn’t expect. Another impressive aspect of this service is how it compares to the other services I tried. Its feature list compares well with the paid services I tested, and the other websites that let me make flip books for free hid essential services, such as social media integration, behind a paywall. Speed and compatibility are other big differences. I’ve been creating these magazines in PDF for years, and this site accepts the format I use as-is. It also processes the conversion in under two minutes most of the time, and when the process is done, the new magazine is automatically and immediately available for consumption.

Using Yump.com Is Simple and Fast

Go to the website and register a free account. 2. Log in and make sure you’re on the homepage. 3. Drag and drop a PDF to the area indicated on the homepage. 4. Click the blue Start Upload button. 5. The system converts your PDF. That’s it. You’re finished! The drag-and-drop approach makes it easy particularly when you’re processing multiple PDFs. If you prefer, you also have the option of using a file manager to select one or more files from a local device or even somewhere else on the Web. When you’ve made your flip book for free, there’s no waiting time like with other services. You can examine the flip book, email, embed it, or whatever.

One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made Regarding Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is a necessity for me. I’m a small business that can’t afford a professional publishing house to handle the job. Yumpu Publishing lets me continue doing it myself but with the polish and technical features that the big companies are using. Perhaps what impresses me most is the service. While still a free customer, I contacted support via live chat with some questions and was thrilled with the experience. The CSR was clearly not working from a script and took the time to show me how I could make a flip book for free from a PDF and then add some items that weren’t supported by that format. I’ve since upgraded to a paid plan, and I highly recommend the free service to anyone interested in flip books and other online magazine formats.

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Lorenzo Bonaventura

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